Zephyr Lilies

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Those of other types look like crocuses. No products in the cart. Their delicate blossoms can be pink, white or even yellow.

Their Delicate Blossoms Can Be Pink, White Or Even Yellow.

Simultaneous endings and secret tidbits story/plot. In the wild, flowers bloom after a rain (hence the common name rain lily), and they may appear in the garden. Zephyranthes are little bulbs that shoot up slender strappy leaves, followed by flower shoots eight to twelve inches tall.

The Meaning Of Zephyr Lily Is A Plant Of The Genus Zephyranthes;

The flowers will appear in summer. Also known as the zephyr lily, fairy lily, and rain flower, zephyranthes plants generally produce three upright petals and three identical sepals, ranging from narrow to broad.the foliage is grassy and bright green, and tends to have a prostrate habit: There are over 70 species along with numerous hybrids and cultivars.

We’ve Had Little Clumps Planted In Different Areas Of Our Garden For Years.

The genus zephyranthes (commonly called rain lily, zephyr lily, and fairy lily) is a group of new world bulbs more closely related to amaryllis than the true lilies, genus lilium. After planting rain lily bulbs require a good amount of watering. Also known as zephyr lily and fairy lily, growing rain lilies are petite, reaching no more than a foot (30 cm.) in height and rarely getting that tall.

Frank, University Of Florida Herbarium.

Typically seen in spring or after rain. One sure sign is when the rain lilies start opening up, especially after a summer storm. Those of other types look like crocuses.

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Once Established, The Plant Needs Very Little Water.

Zephyr lilies, also known as rain lilies, are native to south america and typically bloom after substantial summer rains. Cooperia chlorosolen or zephyrantes chlorosolen) is a common rainlily with white petals. It grows about 15 to 20 cm in height.

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