Zephyranthes Plant

Zephyranthes Plant. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Aka zephyranthes fm #65, batik rain lily.

Zephyranthes Carinata - Wikipedia
Zephyranthes Carinata – Wikipedia from en.wikipedia.org

In the wild, plants often burst into bloom immediately following periods of significant rain, hence the common name. Zephyranthes grandiflora, commonly called zephyr lily or rain lily, is native to southern mexico and central america. Zephyranthes candida, commonly called rain lily, is a bulbous perennial that is native to the rio de la plata region of south america.

In Softer Soils, These Little Bulbs Can Be Dropped Into Holes Made With Your Finger Or The End Of A Stick.

They belong to amaryllis family and it is said there are more than 70 species of the plant. Leaves are simple, entire, linear, parallel and deciduous. The flowers open out flat at midday and close in the afternoon.

Division Seed Country Or Region Of Origin:

Brightening up the garden for weeks, this beauty looks pretty in rock. A plant with a few names zephyranthes are often called the ‘rain lily’ or ‘autumn crocus’ they have small flowers that appear as a neat bud and open fully after a day. Zephyranthes candida usually starts blooming with beautiful white flowers after a rainfall.

The Flowers Of This Plant And The Crocus Are Very Similar To Each Other.

When planting a large number of zephyranthes in one bed, excavate the entire area to the recommended depth, work fertilizer into the bottom of the trench, set out bulbs and then cover all at once. Atlantic and gulf coastal plain dimensions: The color of the flowers depends on the variety and type of zephyranthes and can be white, red or pink.

Do Not Water In Winter.

Zephyr lilies, also known as rain lilies, are native to south america and typically bloom after substantial summer rains. The plants database includes the following 13 species of zephyranthes herb. These plants with bulbs can produce flowers on and off from winter to midsummer and do grow well in areas with little water.

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Also Known As Rain Lily, Autumn Zephyr Lily, Or Fairy Lily, Zephyr Lilies Are Native To South America And Belong To The Amaryllis Family, Amaryllidaceae.the Genus Zephyranthes Is Known As The Rain Lilies, So Named Because Members Of This Family.

Flowers have six petals, which grows on stems, and are as tall as the foliage. Its native lands are tropical and subtropical territories of central and southern america. Its root is represented by a small round bulb.

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